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Strong winds will hopefully not cause injuries

28th October 2013

As well as this, it has been reported that more than 40,000 homes are without power this morning, and 152 flood warnings have been issued.

In Sussex 150 trees have fallen, two of them on the A295 – one at Bosham and the other in Fishbourne. No problems have been reported in the Chichester area as of yet.

So far no fatal accidents caused by the extreme weather have been reported anywhere in the UK, despite various potentially serious incidents having taken place overnight and in the early hours.

The personal injury solicitors at George Ide hope that the storm will pass without anyone suffering harm. However, if someone sustains injury due to another individual’s negligence – for example being struck by an item which should have been fixed securely to the ground – they should contact us to see whether they are eligible to claim compensation.

If it can be proven that an incident might have been prevented if a person or company had paid attention to the weather forecast and prepared for it, then our team of solicitors could help you.

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