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Commercial litigation hinging in PI work

04th November 2013

Whether the investigators are being used to gather evidence or confirm suspicions in order to build cases for divorce lawyers, being used by corporate clients looking to establish due diligence into business partners, or by those looking to pursue commercial litigation related to suspected fraud, there has been a reported upturn in investigative work in London and the surrounding areas, including Sussex and Hampshire.

However, private investigator work is not without controversy, particularly in the wake of the Levenson Inquiry, which proved that many private investigators were willing to perform work that was at best morally dubious and at worst outright illegal.

But it would seem that despite the controversy even the largest and most reputable city firms are prepared to recruit private investigators if they believe that it will make a difference to their chances of ensuring successful commercial litigation.

“None of the firms… would have a business if all the information they provided was in the public domain,” a source told the Financial Times.

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