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Probate solicitors not duped by fraudsters

04th November 2013

Wolverhampton Crown Court heard how the man acted as a witness to a fraudulent will which a neighbour of a deceased man who died intestate had written in an effort to secure a £60,000 estate.

However, after probate solicitors dealing with the fraudulent probate application realised the fraud, the two men involved quickly faced charges.

It is reported that the ‘witness’ to the fake will signed the document under the name of a pseudonym. The solicitor defending the man said that he did not intend to create a fraudulent will and thought he was only creating a fraudulent reference for his friend.

“What you did undermines the integrity of the probate system,” said Judge Martin Walsh.

He was sentenced to 40 weeks in prison suspended for two years, and ordered to perform 150 hours work in the community.

Fortunately, probate solicitors did not transfer any money from the deceased man’s estate to any of the fraudsters involved.

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