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New web portal planned for residential conveyancing process

12th November 2013

Desmond Hudson, Chief Executive of the Law Society, the organisation which represents solicitors in England and Wales, says the Society believes the move to an online resource, available to all parties involved in the property conveyancing process, will help professionals work “greener and smarter” enabling them to manage their time more effectively.

He added, “In the future we want to work with estate agents and lenders so that more of the key parties are in the portal. Right from the start it will dramatically improve collaboration with clients and other conveyancers.”

The portal will feature a tool called “chain view” whereby all parties will be able to check the relevant conveyancing process stages reached by everyone in a particular purchasing chain.

The Law Gazette described the portal as “pan-industry solution” available to all real estate solicitors and licensed conveyancers accredited under the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme. Those without accreditation will need to be vetted before they can utilise the portal.

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