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Fire and Rescue volunteers commended in Chichester

22nd November 2013

The team, which now has 24 people in it since the launch of the volunteer scheme last November, have been undertaking the home fire safety check campaign. As well as this, they have been assisting in other fire and road safety initiatives.

Working in Bognor Regis, Chichester, and Midhurst, the volunteers might not be entering homes while the buildings are aflame, to save residents, but their work has probably also helped save many lives.

Not only can inhaling the smoke during a house fire cause brain damage or even death, but the individuals who are unfortunate enough to suffer a blaze in their home might also sustain serious burn injuries.

Providing people with information about how to avoid causing a house fire, or how to install a suitable fire alarm – with which residents might receive enough warning to get out of their house without injury – is a good way of reducing the number of incidents each year.

For their good work, the volunteers attended a ceremony in County Hall, Chichester, during which they were thanked for their time and effort, and presented with fire service pin badges.

The fire service’s Safer Communities Manager stated, “The celebration event was a great way for us to thank our team of volunteers who come from all walks of life and give up their time freely to help keep people in their communities safe.

“We’re delighted with the positive impact that the scheme has made in its first year and are really excited about its potential to grow.”

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