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Man survived being crushed between HGV and trailer

22nd November 2013

In December 2011, the man and his co-worker had parked their van at the sister company’s distribution warehouse, in front of a trailer they had been working on.

Having almost finished their work, they informed a HGV driver that they were almost ready to go. The HGV driver prepared to move his vehicle into position, and the man’s co-worker got into the van to drive it out of the way.

The employee who was caused injury remained in front of the trailer to write out the date on which it should next be inspected.

Unfortunately, upon seeing the van move off in his side-mirrors, the HGV driver believed the way to be clear, and reversed toward the trailer. This caused the man to be crushed between the trailer and the rear of the HGV.

He sustained serious injuries including cracked ribs and bleeding on his right lung. An Amber Valley Borough Council’s cabinet member involved in the case stated that the man was lucky to have survived the incident.

The man’s employer and the sister company were found to have acted negligently, having failed to undertake a variety of risk assessments or correctly segregate vehicles and pedestrians.

The employer was fined £20,000 for breaching health and safety regulations, and ordered to pay court costs of £3,419. The sister company was also fined £20,000, and ordered to pay £3,419 in court fees.

Now that his employer has been found liable for his work injuries, he might be able to claim compensation with help from expert personal injury solicitors, such as those at George Ide.

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