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Sailing simulator used in spinal injury study

29th November 2013

Using a Virtual Sailing VSail-Trainer, which is a hands-on simulator designed to teach people how to sail safely, participants with chronic spinal cord injuries showed significant improvements in the test scores they were achieving at the end of each session.

All the participants’ injuries occurred more than six months prior to the beginning of the study, and they used the simulator over a period of 12 weeks.

One of the doctors involved stated that this rehabilitative technique improved spinal injury patients’ lives by building their self-confidence, providing them with the skills to participate in a sport, and generally increasing their physical wellbeing.

Due to the success of this study, the researchers hope that the sailing trainer could be used to rehabilitate people with other injuries, such as amputees or brain damage sufferers.

As well as having various rehabilitative treatments available to them, people who have sustained long-term personal injury might be able to claim compensation if the accident which caused them harm was not their fault.

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