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Chichester house sales to see 36 homes available on new development

05th December 2013

This means that Chichester house sales and the availability of affordable homes will get long-awaited boosts as diggers have finally moved onto the site to begin work on the new development of 92 homes – 36 of which will eventually be sold on the open market.

The site has been something of an eyesore since the previous elderly residents moved out in 2008, but the Hyde Martlet development is now due for completion in March 2015.

While there has been concern from some local residents regarding the number of homes being built, and how this will affect traffic and parking congestion in the surrounding area, the district council maintains that the number and types of home are much needed in the area due to the growing number of older people in Chichester.

Local house sales professionals also believe this is potentially encouraging for the area, as the level of dilapidation on the old site was beginning to have a negative impact on the surrounding neighbourhood.

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