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Keyhole surgery machine might malfunction

20th December 2013

Intuitive Surgical, which makes the da Vinci Surgical System, has reported that this high-tech piece of medical machinery could stall during operations due to friction in its arms.

The da Vinci Surgical System is used for complicated and delicate keyhole surgery. Adopted for use in many hospitals throughout the world, it can reduce bleeding during operations, lower the risk of complications, shorten recovery times and the length of hospital stays, as well as diminish the pain suffered during recovery.

However, there have apparently been reports of incidents where some of the machines refused to let go of a piece of human tissue being held. Furthermore, some authorities state that the system can sometimes undertake rapid movements as it tries to catch up with instructions after doctors persevere with a maneuver despite the machine’s arms encountering resistance.

This can not only result in the severe personal injury of a patient, but could also result in death.

If anyone suffers injury while undergoing an operation, whether or not one of these machines is involved, they might be able to make a clinical negligence claim for compensation against the liable hospital.

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