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Photo prompts HSE investigation into roofer

20th December 2013

The individual was walking down Lucas Avenue in October last year when they saw men on the roof of the house, working without any apparent safety measures in place.

Upon being supplied with photographic evidence, the HSE began an investigation into the working practices of the roofer and his employees. The organisation found that there was nothing to prevent workers from suffering a fall from height, and nothing to stop equipment as well as materials falling onto people below.

Furthermore, the HSE discovered that the roofer’s company had previously received an enforcement action for failing to uphold work at height safety regulations.

For neglecting to protect the welfare of his employees, as well as disregarding his own safety, the man was fined £2,000 and ordered to pay court costs of £688.

Hopefully this penalty will make the roofer rethink his working practices, and prevent possible fall from height incidents and other work accidents occurring within this company.

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