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Michael Schumacher sustained ski accident head injury

30th December 2013

The 44-year-old former F1 champion had been skiing off-piste with his 14-year-old son yesterday when he fell and struck his head against a rock.

Reports state that he was wearing a helmet, but unfortunately still sustained a serious head injury. Despite this, his manager believes that he would not have survived the skiing accident at all had he not been wearing head protection.

Schumacher was airlifted to hospital where he was operated on immediately. He has since been placed into an artificial coma, and apparently has also undergone a second operation overnight.

International media has reported that the medical team are now concentrating on maintaining a good supply of oxygen to his brain, keeping his body at the recommended temperature of 34-35C, and reducing the pressure on his brain.

Professionals are worried that he might have suffered permanent cognitive damage, due to the fact that he has sustained bruising to his brain and is suffering from an intra-cranial haematoma (blood clot on the brain).

The thoughts of our holiday accident solicitor team are with the former racer and his loved ones.

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