I have worked with George Ide LLP for many years, initially as a support worker but now as a Registered Manager. I have found their brain injury
team, more specifically Paul Fretwell, to be highly efficient, supportive and effective when working alongside me with a very challenging group of clients. Paul and the team at George Ide LLP have secured settlements ranging from £1-6 million and beyond, ensuring financial security and peace of mind for life for the clients and their families.

I have worked closely over many years with Ursula Watt and Stephen Shine in George Ide LLP’s Court of Protection team. I am always impressed by how adaptable and attentive they are in looking after their brain-injured clients who often display challenging behaviour. They are able to communicate in a way our clients understand and work in a very person centered way. They are firm but fair and always have the clients’ best interests at heart. Karl Thompson. Managing Director, THCS Ltd

Paul Fretwell/ Ursula Watt/Steve Shine