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What to consider when choosing a personal injury lawyer

30th November 2020

If you have suffered any kind of personal injury where someone else was at fault, you could be in a position to make a legal claim for compensation. However, making a claim can be a complicated process and you need to make sure that you work with solicitors who are well placed to be able to get you the outcome that you deserve.

There are many personal injury lawyers available – so how do you decide which solicitors to instruct? Here we take a look at some of the things that you need to consider when you are choosing a personal injury solicitor.

Are they genuine experts in personal injury law?

Some lawyers may offer personal injury services but it is not really a specialism for them – this might not bode well for your case. Experienced personal injury lawyers have extensive experience working on cases, providing them with insight and knowledge that can help you get the most positive outcome from your claim.

Do they have experience in cases like yours?

It is also worth considering whether the lawyers in question have specific experience handling a case like yours. Personal injury law can span everything from road traffic accidents through to accidents at work or accidents on holiday. Each of these types of cases can be very different. Talk to any lawyers that you are considering working with to establish whether or not they have worked on cases like yours.

Do they have case studies from satisfied clients?

It is definitely worth understanding the kind of reputation that a lawyer has. Find out if your lawyer has testimonials, reviews or even case studies from clients. Ideally, don’t just rely on the lawyer’s website, but look for independent sources to verify them.

Do they make claims that seem too good to be true?

Consider what the lawyer says and how this differs from other personal injury lawyers you are considering. In some cases, inexperienced lawyers may offer something that seems too good to be true – this could be extremely fast turnaround time on the case, or a very high value on the claim that other lawyers have not suggested your case could achieve. Be wary of lawyers who tell you how much compensation you can recover without first properly understanding your case, or who’s websites quote figures for different types of injury.

It may be that they are suggesting a very high level of compensation because they have been able to achieve this in the past. But in truth, the specifics of all cases are very different and the amount of compensation will always depend on the severity of the injury suffered.

It is important to remember that if something seems too good to be true, the lawyer could have unrealistic expectations for your case.

Do they have a team with varied experience?

At George Ide LLP, we have extensive experience taking on personal injury cases. If you have any questions about what we do, or are simply looking for more information on making a claim for a personal injury, our team would be happy to help.

Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our friendly team today. You can call us on 01243 786 668 or send us a message through our contact page.

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