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Commercial property litigation solicitors for construction disputes

George Ide’s commercial solicitors have wide-ranging experience and professional expertise in helping to resolve construction disputes, both large and small.

When a major building project is being planned, the developer will have a contract drafted to cover the various conditions it wishes to impose on the contractor it has selected. This is likely to include clauses on claims for defective work, contract termination, loss and expense, acceleration and additional works or delays.

Even if a specialist property lawyer has drawn up the agreement, disputes may occur over who is responsible for any particular problem and experts such as surveyors and engineers may need to be called in to report back to the client.

In such circumstances, construction disputes can become costly for all concerned, as well as delaying the completion of building work.

The business lawyers at George Ide will always try to resolve these difficulties through mediation and negotiation or any other form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) but, if necessary, can represent clients in court to achieve compensation or other recompense.

When a settlement has been reached, the details can be incorporated in a new contract so that there is less chance of the dispute being revived at a later date.

Even a relatively-small new building or extension work may lead to a construction dispute where one or both parties are unsure of the standards expected in the finished structure. This situation could have been forestalled by obtaining legal advice from George Ide prior to work starting.

From our North Street offices in Chichester our commercial property litigation department offers practical and cost-effective help enabling disputes to be resolved at the earliest-possible opportunity.

For more information about George Ide’s professional business services for construction disputes, call today or click on the details of a specialist commercial property litigation solicitor as featured on this page.