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George Ide LLP | For your commercial property investments

Although the commercial property market is, by nature, an unpredictable beast, there is almost always money to be made for the shrewd investor.

Here at George Ide LLP our commercial property solicitors have a great deal of experience which has been gathered over the years acting for investors in Chichester, West Sussex and the wider area of southern England.

Our expertise helps you make the right and most profitable decisions about proceeding with your investment, whether it is a one-off money maker or part of a larger portfolio.

Our team can help you clarify and plan your goals in both the short-term and the long-term, and can assist with matters such as funding arrangements and whether a company or a partnership structure best suits your purposes.

Furthermore, our commercial property solicitors are among the very best litigators in the region. We can help you protect your interests in the event of a dispute, whether it is landlord-tenant centred, relates to the Town and Country Planning Act or to some form of Breach of Contract.

Expertise and communication

The commercial property solicitors on George Ide’s team bring invaluable legal knowledge and expertise to your investments.

We pride ourselves on the strength and clarity of our communication. For more information about our services and our partners, click through to the people profiles on the right-hand side of this page.