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Leasehold management solicitors

The commercial property team at George Ide LLP is able to offer a full range of leasehold management services to clients in West Sussex and the south of England.

Whether you are looking to obtain the freehold on your property, are seeking to negotiate Section 20 consultation procedure, are engaged in a breach of covenant dispute or are seeking resolution at the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal, our solicitors provide comprehensive and cost-effective advice to advance your interests and reduce your workload.

We are one of the leading full service legal firms in the south of England and possess specialist leasehold management expertise to benefit both lessees and landlords.


Although we are prepared to take whatever action is required to ensure a positive outcome, we believe in preserving relationships and are usually able to resolve disputes without damaging relationships.


We can help reduce your workload by providing estimates of costs and expenditure as well as professionally managing the many tasks associated with leasehold management.

George Ide is a name synonymous with trustworthy and knowledgeable commercial property service.

To discuss any leasehold management issue you may have please call our offices in Chichester or click through to a commercial property solicitor now using the profiles featured on this page.