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Solicitors for Town and Country Planning Act disputes

Commercial property solicitors are often instructed to represent clients in Town and Country Planning Act disputes where a land owner or developer is at odds with a local authority or a pressure group in their opposing wishes for the future of a site.

The first Town and Country Planning Act of 1947 was revolutionary in many ways, not least in that from that time onwards ownership of land did not confer the automatic right to develop it but planning permission would have to be sought from a council.

Since then, further legislation has added to and amended the original planning laws, most recently in 2008, making a potential area for pitfalls and disputes for those who are unaware of the procedures or who are unable to present their case in the knowledge of the law.

Many business men and women see the Planning Acts as a hindrance to their activities but with positive input from experienced commercial property solicitors and associated professionals a suitable outcome can usually be achieved.

George Ide’s business services team can help with many aspects of planning applications, negotiating with officials, other businesses or individuals as appropriate and, if necessary, assisting with appeals, both at public inquiry and in writing.

When permission is granted, our solicitors can advise on a variety of issues arising, including the interpretation of conditions of the planning agreement, any potential difficulties over road or footpath closures and diversions and compliance with conservation measures.

With our wide-ranging local knowledge and professional expertise, George Ide’s lawyers are well placed to help businesses defend themselves against alleged infringements of planning laws.

We always put the clients’ interests first, with legal advice and representation to help you deal with Town and Country Planning Act disputes as efficiently as possible and with the most favourable outcome that circumstances permit.

To find out more about the specialist commercial property planning law services available at George Ide, please call our North Street offices in Chichester. Alternatively, you can email the solicitors featured on this page.