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Partnership Agreements

When two or more people have an idea for a business, one of the first decisions to be made is the formal structure for its management. Advice from George Ide’s commercial solicitors can help choose whether partnership agreements will be appropriate and, if one is required, we can provide the service of drafting such an agreement.

Depending on the circumstances, in some cases a formally incorporated limited company or limited liability partnership may be more suitable but even an unincorporated partnership has a legal identity, meaning that each partner can be liable for all the debts the business accrues.

Because of this, setting out a partnership agreement in a formal contract between the partners will be invaluable so that every partner knows how assets and liabilities of the business should be divided between them.

With their extensive knowledge of businesses of all sizes, the corporate law experts at George Ide LLP can pinpoint potential causes of conflict between partners, especially where each person’s input may not be equal.

Starting-up a business from scratch can be a daunting prospect with many aspects to consider and we are happy to help with advice on all the legal and practical issues which can arise.

A simple partnership agreement between two people can be drawn up quickly and easily but George Ide’s clients still have the assurance of knowing each partner’s interests are protected through the contract and that the business should be able to thrive without the principals having to worry about their personal positions.

For larger and more-established businesses, flexible partnership agreements will allow partners to leave and new people to take their places without the minimum of disruption.

George Ide’s solicitors can offer a wide range of advisory and practical services with a realistic and commercially-minded approach, adapted to suit your individual needs.

For quality, professionally-written, partnership agreements you can trust, call our offices in Chichester, or click through to the solicitor profiles on this page.