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Shareholder agreements

In a small business with just two or three directors, the principals may be too busy keeping up with day-to-day affairs to think about some of the legal details of a company, such as drafting and maintaining shareholder agreements, but it is foolish to ignore this type of legal administration.

The commercial solicitors of George Ide LLP are happy to advise on all aspects of setting up the various types of agreements which enable a business to run smoothly and with maximum protection for the overall interests of the business and its individual principals.

Keeping shareholder arrangements on a transparent footing from the outset will help all parties to understand specific responsibilities, benefits and procedures relating to the company’s business.

As each business has its own financial and practical idiosyncrasies, a competent and experienced lawyer will ensure he has sufficient background knowledge to enable him to advise company leaders on how to be fair to shareholders yet, at the same time, ensure the commercial viability of the business.

George Ide LLP has offered just such commercial legal services to a range of businesses, both those which have been established for some years, new businesses and others making the transition from sole trader, or partnership status, to a limited company.

The relationship between original shareholders can often change as a business develops and continuity of legal advice from the start of trading through the ongoing peaks and troughs is important.

Operating with integrity and the highest professional standards, George Ide offers a full range of commercial law advice and practical assistance. To find out more about drafting and amending shareholder agreements, contact one of our offices or click on the partner details on this page.