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Supplier agreements

Supplier agreements, whether they are for goods or services, form a fundamental part of the running of a business and help underpin its most essential relationships. They are necessary to clearly define the obligations and rights between two parties, primarily the supplier and a business.

Many supplier agreements are standard contracts but there are circumstances where it is necessary to specify certain variations to the standard contract or to provide a bespoke draft of specific terms and conditions regarding issues such as delivery, supply, timescales, liability payment and renewal.

Supply agreements with George Ide LLP

George Ide LLP is one of the South’s leading full service legal firms and possesses a thriving commercial legal team whose individual partners possess extensive experience of negotiating and drafting supply agreements.

Whether you are looking for a long-term or one-off agreement and whether it is for goods or services, we can ensure it addresses issues to include the following:

Furthermore, we can also provide support, guidance, advice and resolution in the event of a disputed supply agreement.

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