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The myth of ‘quickie divorce’

Anyone who reads the popular press will have seen reports of celebrity couples wishing to obtain a quickie divorce. However, in English and Welsh law there is no such premise and all divorcing couples are subject to the same timeline and criteria under which a family court will legally end their marriage or civil-partnership.

It is likely that those couples who are said to be seeking a quick divorce wish for the most expedient settlement of their affairs and to avoid the public mud-slinging which has, at times, been characteristic of some high-profile and high-value divorce settlements.

At George Ide LLP we always aim to provide the family law service you wish for. We understand that each couple’s issues are unique and by listening and understanding we can help clients to achieve the most positive outcome.

Depending on the circumstances of your relationship, our highly experienced family lawyers will be able to advise you upon the likely length of time your divorce could take to be finalised and they can discuss the best way to advance your interests in regard to children issues and financial settlement.

Our family lawyers in Chichester are committed to providing a first-class divorce service and are known for their approachability and accessibility. Communication is a top-priority and we believe in using plain-English to explain the divorce process so that you are in control every step of the way.

Although George Ide’s divorce solicitors are unable to make the myth of the quickie divorce a reality, they can offer a cost-effective, timely service which will ensure your best chances of swift divorce resolution.

To speak to a divorce solicitor about a divorce or civil-partnership dissolution please click on the solicitor profiles on this page for direct-dial phone numbers. Alternatively you can email us directly.