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The safe hands of specialist conveyancing solicitors in Chichester

In Chichester, just as in the rest of the country, buying a house or flat can be one of the most exciting but also most stressful times in a person’s or family’s life. Against this background, particularly for the first-time or inexperienced buyer, it can be difficult to keep a clear head and remain alert to all the vagaries and details of the transaction. In these circumstances instructing George Ide’s residential conveyancing solicitors in Chichester can bring invaluable benefit to the process of acquiring a property.

Contractual advice

George Ide’s residential conveyancing solicitors in Chichester can advise you on the terms of the seller’s contract and, where necessary, negotiate any changes needed to promote your interests.

Whether you are an investor or someone seeking that first important foothold on the property ladder, it can make a real difference to have an experienced hand to provide guidance on contractual matters such as the details of property boundaries, legal restrictions, planning restrictions, property services and completion of purchase.

Once these preliminary contract details have been sorted out, it will be necessary to research the property to ensure that legal documents and ownership details are all correct and in place. Furthermore, your conveyancing solicitor will look to ensure that no known planning or development issues will affect the future of the property you intend to buy.

When this has been done, buyer and seller can then exchange contracts – at this point it is not normally possible to pull out of the transaction without incurring liability for some level of compensation.

Next will come the pre-completion stage, which includes vital matters such as a final inspection of the property, land registry checks and mortgage verification.

Only once all of these things have been done can Stamp Duty be paid and the change of ownership be confirmed with the Land Registry.

George Ide LLP conveyancing solicitors in Chichester

Whatever the type of property you are buying or selling, George Ide LLP’s team of experienced and specialist residential conveyancing solicitors in Chichester will ensure that your interests are secure and looked after.

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