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Diffuse axonal injury | Claims solicitors

There are many types of personal injury which occur when a person is involved in a car accident or a fall from height for example, but possibly the most severe and affecting is diffuse axonal injury.

If a person has been diagnosed with diffuse axonal injury (DAI) then it may be prudent to seek the advice of an experienced brain injury claim solicitor who would be able to make a claim for damages on behalf of the head injury victim.

What is diffuse axonal injury

When the head suffers traumatic brain injury forces which act upon the skull cause twisting and shearing of brain tissue. Axons are the lengths of nerve cells which carry electrical impulses around the nervous system. If they are twisted severely during an accident the delicate connections can be broken.

An axonal injury, focal or diffuse, means that normal electrical impulses are interrupted and this can lead to loss of physical function for the brain injury victim. In diffuse axonal injury, the loss of neurological function can be widespread and can even lead to death of the patient.

Symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

The very nature of DAI means that it is widespread and does not cause a specific focal injury which is easily diagnosed. Typically, patients will have depressed levels of consciousness, including coma. While DAI can be relatively mild in some instances, patients with severe DAI may well remain in a comatose or persistent vegetative state.

Patients who are believed to have suffered a DAI will usually undergo a CT scan or, perhaps more effectively, an MRI scan to determine the level of brain injury they have suffered. For definitive diagnosis a sample of brain tissue may be analysed under a microscope.

Treatment of any traumatic brain injury is complex and in most cases the close neurological monitoring and management of intracranial pressure will be standard in ongoing care of the patient. Every head injury is different and the treatment and rehabilitation of each patient will vary.

George Ide’s brain injury claim solicitors can help

As soon as George Ide’s team is instructed our clients have immediate access to independent, healthcare-trained case managers who will assess and manage treatment and rehabilitation of diffuse axonal injury patients. This leaves our brain injury claim solicitors to negotiate appropriate payment of funds from the at-fault party’s insurers.

We will also be able to help clients obtain specialist help in a number of appropriate areas including gaining access to all applicable benefits and grants payable while a patient or loved one is incapacitated.

George Ide’s personal injury team is led by a number of highly experienced brain injury claim specialists and their expertise and successes in this field are recognised by Chambers Legal Directory.

Plus, as a full service law firm, our experienced team of legal professionals can help in the early days of a claim by acting as the client’s official deputy and by subsequently advising upon the investment of an award. We can also establish and administer a trust if necessary or required.

To find out more about George Ide’s brain injury claim service please call our dedicated personal injury office at Lion House in Chichester. Alternatively, for more information and direct contact details of our partners in this field, please click through to the profiles featured on this page.

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