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George Ide LLP | Brain injury compensation claims and rehabilitation for work

Depending on the individual case and the nature and severity of injury, brain injury compensation claims serve many purposes, from providing for adapted living and specialists care to sums for medical expenses and lost earnings. However, for many claimants one of the fundamental reasons for instructing a personal injury lawyer will be to ensure sums for vocational rehabilitation.

The effect on employment

Brain injury can have a wide and varied impact on employment. Emotional consequences might include agitation, depression, mood swings, and anger management problems.

Cognitive consequences can include loss of concentration, memory difficulties, confusion, and problems with motivation.

Behavioural consequences may be another concern. These might include impulsivity and loss of inhibition, which can lead to serious concerns.

Furthermore, social and communicative difficulties may lead to an array of interpersonal difficulties.

As is self-evident, all of the above can present serious obstacles in the workplace.

Vocational rehabilitation

Medical studies suggest that around four in every ten people who suffer a traumatic brain injury eventually return to work.

However, for many in this situation returning to employment will be impossible without vocational rehabilitation. The evidence of this is overwhelming – patients benefit immensely from vocational rehabilitation, which is of great assistance in helping all kinds of workers return to all sorts of professions and trades following acquired brain injury.

There are many kinds of rehabilitation therapies available, from motor skills and cognitive skills work to psychotherapy and cognitive behaviour therapy, and more.

Interim payments

Every person wishes for the speediest possible recovery, including return to employment.

Wherever possible, George Ide’s brain injury compensation claim specialists are committed to securing interim payments to help ensure our clients are able to return to health and work within the shortest conceivable timeframe.

However, securing interim payments is contingent on receiving an admission of liability from the defendant, as well as various other factors – once this has been achieved it may be possible to receive some form of payout to fund necessary rehabilitation.

Brain injury compensation claim experts serving Sussex and the South

Ensuring full compensation is integral to the best possible rehabilitation from a brain injury. To speak to the brain injury compensation claim specialist solicitors at George Ide, call our offices in Sussex today.

George Ide LLP is a leading independent law firm in the South of England. We bring authority and expertise to assert the full legal rights of every client while all the time providing a sensitive and individual focused approach. We have strong links with a number of organisations, including the Brain Injury Group, Brake, and Headway.

In order to facilitate recovery we provide our clients with independent, healthcare-trained case managers who will assess and manage all aspects of treatment and rehabilitation.