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Over the past decade over 1.2 million people in the UK sustained traumatic head injuries serious enough to require hospital treatment – although most will go on thankfully to make full and relatively speedy recoveries, the fact remains that a significant proportion will suffer residual cognitive problems sufficient to necessitate the services of a brain injury solicitor.

Why instruct a brain injury solicitor?

There are many reasons that may lead to someone instructing a brain injury solicitor. However, claimants often share a credible belief that another party is, at least in part, to blame for their injury, whether it occurred in a car crash, a workplace accident or as a result of clinical negligence.

If the injury is serious, and sometimes even in mild brain injuries, it is likely that the person affected will have had to make significant changes to his or her lifestyle. Such injuries can precipitate major changes across all spheres of life: family, work, social, emotional and physical.

Making the adaptations necessary together with embarking on programmes of treatment and rehabilitation can be a difficult and costly process. Although compensation is no quick-fix, a specialist brain injury solicitor can help the claimant and his or her family achieve the best settlement possible, which, will then be able to help fund the cost of treatment, rehabilitation and any necessary equipment.

Leaders in the South

George Ide LLP has a reputation for bringing benefit to claimants through its catastrophic injury solicitors and independent specialist case managers.

Although we seek to maximise compensation settlements for our clients, we also provide invaluable assistance in sourcing the best therapies and treatments and all possible help for clients, to include advice on state benefits and in-house investment advice on the setting up of personal injury trusts, as well as many other related issues.

Our Head Injury Department is recognised as a leader in the field, as evidenced by our presence in Chambers Legal Directory, and has a close working association with the brain injury charity Headway at both local and national level.

Brain injury solicitors in Chichester

For advice and information about our services contact our specialist brain injury solicitors in Chichester over the phone or via email using the direct contact details provided in the staff profiles featured on this page.


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