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Lawyers in Chichester for brain injury claims

Contact George Ide’s Chichester brain injury claim team today for information about how we may be able to help you or your loved one obtain full settlement for a brain injury, whether it was caused in a car accident, workplace accident, holiday incident, or because of clinical negligence.

Feel free to contact us by telephone to arrange a preliminary meeting or to provide us with details about your case over the telephone. We are available to meet clients at our offices in Lion House, Chichester, in our Bognor Regis office or, if it is more convenient, at your home or another location of your choosing.

Brain injury caused by clinical negligence

In order for a case to proceed we must demonstrate that the clinician concerned breached his or her duty of care and that this had an element of causation in the occurrence of the brain injury being claimed for.

Breach of duty is established where a body of expert witnesses agree that the standard of care received fell below the level usually deemed acceptable. Causation is determined largely by the application of the “but for” test. This means that without the breach of duty the injury would not have occurred – this applies to cases of new injury and injuries which have been worsened by negligent and substandard treatment.

Records and witness statements

Whether the injury suffered occurred in a private or an NHS setting, in order to make a strong case, George Ide’s Chichester brain injury claim solicitors must obtain all relevant medical records – including hospital, GP, and specialist consultant – in order to proceed with the action.

The Data Protection Act imposes strict time limits on how long medical establishments have to comply with requests for records – with forty days the upper limit.

Unfortunately, medical records are sometimes incomplete, incorrect, or tampered with – in such an event it will be necessary to take witness statements and to obtain expert testimony in order to make a strong and coherent case.

George Ide LLP in Chichester

At George Ide LLP we ensure clients receive the maximum possible sums of general damages and special damages to provide for things such as pain, suffering, loss of amenity, lost earnings, as well as travel, care, and medical expenses.

Where necessary, we always strive to ensure interim settlement to meet the needs of any immediate and pressing costs.

For more information about how we may be able to help you, please contact our Chichester brain injury claim team today.