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Employment law solicitors could face teacher questions

24th April 2012

There are real fears that teachers in West Sussex could be in need of the advice of their unions and employment law solicitors following revelations that education budgets in the county are down “to the bone”.

With UK-wide economic pressures being felt at the heart of West Sussex schools, union spokespeople say that staff could be culled as schools attempt to balance books.

It is undoubtedly a difficult time for the profession, with staffrooms across the county feeling the pressure of cuts and widespread talk of redundancies.

It is likely that many have already taken advice from unions, colleagues and employment law solicitors as to their rights, but if the axe does fall and cuts are the genuine reason it is the sad reality that, for the vast majority, there is likely to be very little that even the best employment law solicitor can do.

It is a gloomy, if hardly surprising, outlook that this is the reality faced by teachers, when funding from the Department for Education has fallen by 23% from almost £70 million to just over £43 million.

It is sometimes easy to forget that this is an issue that it is not just about now – it is about the future of all us is West Sussex, whether we live in Chichester, Bognor Regis or elsewhere.

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