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Employment law solicitor news – Beecroft report widely criticised

08th June 2012

The report, which was commissioned by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and carried out by millionaire conservative party donor Adrian Beecroft, says that employers should be able to “sack workers on sight” and that Tupe should be watered down.

The general secretary of Unite, Len McCluskey, said that the report “is a monstrosity, removing millions of working peoples’ rights.”

“Backed by Cameron and Osborne, Beecroft wants to turn our workplaces into Victorian workhouses. This report will not create a single job but it will embed a culture of fear and insecurity in our workplaces for many years to come,” he added.

Employment law solicitors fear that under Beecroft’s recommendations unfair dismissal tribunals would fail to adequately protect the rights of workers and that the UK’s employment laws would take a damaging backward step.

“The ideas it’s produced don’t seem to be backed up by any corroborating evidence – it’s not a balanced report,” one employment law solicitor told The Lawyer.

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