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Commercial partnership disputes and resolutions

To be successful, business partnerships require trust, openness and good faith. When these fundamental aspects of the relationship break down, disputes and disagreements can occur, potentially jeopardising the future of the partnership and the business. At George Ide LLP we understand the importance of ensuring that commercial partnership disputes are resolved without damaging the interests of a business and its financial partners.

Although we will always seek to resolve matters as conveniently and cost-effectively as possible, whether through negotiation, mediation or alternative dispute resolution channels, we realise that litigation is sometimes necessary and act professionally and expertly in the rare instances where this is necessary,

Our specialist knowledge of both company and partnership law can help resolve all kinds of commercial partnership disputes. We also offer a full range of quality services for the following issues:

George Ide LLP commercial partnership disputes

As one of the South’s leading full service legal firms George Ide can bring its expertise and advice to provide you with invaluable commercial partnership dispute advice and resolution.

Our thriving commercial litigation team operates out of offices Chichester. Call us today on or click through to our specialist practice partners as featured on the staff profiles to the right of this page.