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Damages claims

George Ide LLP’s commercial litigation team can apply its vast expertise and knowledge to the full range of business disputes, whether they require an injunction, dispute resolution or a damages claim.

Our partners provide advice and support to all industry sectors, including the following:

We can provide invaluable guidance for damages claims related to contractual disputes, intellectual property litigation, partnership disputes and professional negligence issues.

Depending on the type of resolution that is appropriate to your case, we can help you consider all options appropriate to your circumstances, including damages and compensation, injunctions and ancillary relief.

George Ide LLP damages claims

At George Ide LLP we will always look to protect and advance your commercial or personal interests and will act accordingly.

The skill and expertise of our partners means that settlement is often obtained through mediation, negotiation or alternative dispute resolution, although we are always prepared to conclude a damages claim through the courts where it represents the best chance of securing a satisfactory outcome.

Call our commercial litigation team in Chichester for efficient, affordable, realistic and trustworthy expertise from our partners. Alternatively, to contact a member of the team directly, please click on the staff profiles featured on this page.