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Licence agreements | Solicitors in Chichester.

For certain ventures, short-term licence agreements may be a more suitable solution than a commercial property lease when it becomes necessary to occupy business premises.

A licence agreement offers more flexibility than a lease and can usually be terminated at short notice. While the licensed tenant must keep the property in good order, the person or organisation will usually not be responsible for structural repairs to the building.

Under a licence agreement, the tenant has no interest in the property and merely has “permission” from the landlord to occupy. Although, a licence agreement can be a very cost-effective way of occupying a business property, the tenant must be aware that the landlord can enter the property at any time and, in the same way that the occupier is not tied to a long lease, the landlord can ask the tenant to leave the building at short notice.

George Ide’s solicitors in Chichester can advise on licence agreements for businesses

Whether you wish to occupy premises in Chichester or further afield in West Sussex or Hampshire, or nationwide the commercial property solicitors at George Ide can help ensure you get the right agreement in place for the occupancy of a commercial property.

George Ide’s solicitors advise potential tenants on the legality of any commercial property lease or agreement they are presented with and if you wish to discuss which type of tenancy would be best for you and your business we are happy to help.

We are also able to draft licence agreements for landlords and advise on whether this type of agreement with a tenant would be suitable or beneficial for you as a property owner.

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