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Business sales and disposals

There are few times in the life of a business when receiving good advice will be as important as during the sale or disposal of a business. The specialist team at George Ide LLP has extensive experience and expertise in all aspects of business sales and disposals.

Our corporate solicitors provide a tailored service that helps the client understand the process and how it can work in their best interests.

Whether you are looking to retire, are looking to sell a subsidiary or require another of the services provided by our business sales and disposals team, we can assist you with cost-effective advice and guidance on maximising your business’ value and your returns.

We can also provide invaluable advice on all aspects of tax consequences, attracting purchasers, negotiation, completion and matters of due diligence.

George Ide LLP corporate legal services

With offices in Chichester and London, George Ide LLP is one of the South’s leading full service legal firms and has a thriving corporate and commercial legal services team.

To speak with our business, sales and disposals solicitors today, please call our Chichester office. To find out more about the team, please click on the solicitor profiles featured on this page.