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Employment solicitors for constructive dismissal

Constructive dismissal cases brought before an employment tribunal are often the source of lurid newspaper headlines but for every sensational claim there are dozens of instances where a dedicated employment solicitor, such as those who work for George Ide LLP, has achieved justified compensation for a client.

Proving that an employer’s behaviour has sufficiently breached an employee’s contract to come within the definition of constructive dismissal can be difficult and, if possible, a potential claimant should seek legal advice from a lawyer before resigning from the job.

Instances of serious action which might merit you walking out of your workplace could include sudden loss of position or salary, harassment or bullying, being forced to accept unreasonable changes to working conditions, victimisation and being forced to work in dangerous conditions.

At George Ide you will find sympathetic, yet forthright, employment solicitors who understand how the circumstances leading to constructive dismissal can affect an individual whether as a result of a one-off incident or the culmination of a series of smaller problems.

Feeling obliged to leave your job because the actions of your employer or colleagues have affected your physical or mental health can be deeply upsetting but with our support you can be assured of the best advice and representation. George Ide – on your side.

To speak to an employment law solicitor in complete confidence about constructive dismissal or any issue of legal grievance arising from the workplace please call the George Ide offices today. Alternatively, please click on the partner profiles provided for direct contact details.