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Fair’s fair – Discrimination solicitors

Being treated unfairly while doing your job can be extremely distressing and may even lead to you feeling that you cannot continue your employment, however, if you seek the advice of George Ide LLP’s discrimination solicitors you will be offered sympathetic support allied to the highest professional standards.

Since the law was extended to cover all forms of inequality, employees have become more aware of their rights to fair treatment and the duty of employers to protect them from harassment by colleagues or managers.

Discrimination can be found across a number of fields – age, disability, race, religion or religious belief and sex or sexual orientation – and cases may be brought in one or more categories.

If an employment tribunal finds in favour of a claimant, compensation may be awarded for injury to feelings as well as loss of earnings.

An important point of which potential victims of discrimination should be aware is that there is a time limit for beginning an action. A grievance must be notified in writing to an employer within three months of the alleged incident.

Discrimination Solicitors West Sussex

Proving a case of discrimination can be quite complex and it is important to obtain expert legal advice from George Ide’s employment lawyers as soon as possible if you have any concerns.

If appropriate, our experienced and forthright solicitors will be able to assist with negotiation or mediation with an employer and, should a case go before a tribunal hearing, you can be assured of the highest standard of representation.

Our advice to employees is offered in a sympathetic manner and is completely confidential, regardless of the level of seniority in a business.

Don’t feel you are alone in facing discrimination at work, George Ide can be at your side.

To contact the private client discrimination solicitors of George Ide LLP for further advice and help, please call our West Sussex-based offices today. Alternatively, you can contact our employment law solicitors directly by clicking on the profiles featured on this page.