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Sex discrimination and the Equality Act 2010

The Equality Act is the main statutory instrument related to claims for sex discrimination. As such, claims brought out under the act may be represented by an employment lawyer and subsequently heard at an Employment Tribunal.

The Act clearly states that any discrimination on the grounds of marital status, sex or gender is to be considered unlawful and a breach of employee rights. This applies to all UK workplaces, regardless of specific cultural setting or company size or structure.

Furthermore, as well as providing protection to employees, the Act may also apply to the rights of ex-employees and job applicants.

Whether a complainant has suffered from unfavourable prejudicial treatment on the grounds of sex or gender, victimisation, harassment or some specific form of indirect discrimination, if an employment lawyer can prove these things, it may, under the terms of the Equality Act 2010, be possible to secure compensation at an Employment Tribunal.

Types of claim

Pregnancy and maternity discrimination claims are among those most frequently heard at tribunals – although the law has evolved to reflect the needs and rights of mothers and mothers-to-be, some employers fail to adequately recognise this fact.

The law relating to gender reassignment discrimination is another evolving area, and any employer who discriminates against an employee who has undergone, is undergoing or is proposing to undergo gender reassignment may face sanction under the Act.

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The employment lawyers at George Ide LLP bring experience and skill to the fore to help clients fight for their rights in the event that they have suffered sex discrimination in the workplace. 

We can help you take steps to secure sums for lost earnings and injury to feelings and any other relevant losses or expenses.

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