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Employment Solicitors – Contracts of Employment

Everyone who has a job and is not self-employed has either a written or implied agreement about the pay and conditions of their work, and in daily life the services of the employment contract solicitors at George Ide LLP will, hopefully, not be needed.

However, disputes can arise over the exact meaning of contract terms or if you feel the contract has been broken by your employer, and you may wish to seek the advice of an experienced employment lawyer to settle any dispute.

Our employment contract solicitors can help with all work-related matters, offering advice and representation at whatever level is appropriate and by explaining everything in plain English. We can also draft employment contracts for employees and directors’ services agreements whenever the need arises.

A contract of employment begins as soon as you start work because you are showing that you accept the job on the pay and conditions terms put forward by the employer. For all jobs lasting longer than one month, a written statement must be given to you within two months of joining the business.

A job description, implied conditions and general practice within a company can all form part of a contract which can be enforced, although the legal requirements of aspects such as minimum wage and sick pay cannot be over-ridden.

Documents given to you must include basic information such as pay, working hours, holiday entitlement and notice period. It must also cover disciplinary and grievance procedure should any dispute arise.

If changes are made to your employment contract without your agreement this could constitute the basis for a claim of constructive dismissal and subsequent employment tribunal hearing which, if won, could mean a compensation payment.

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Whether you work for a multi-national corporation or a one-man band, your rights are the same and if you need forthright and ethics-driven employment law advice then George Ide’s employment contract solicitors can be at your side to see that they are upheld.

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