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Employment law is continually evolving to keep pace both with legislator and regulatory changes and common law decisions. As such, when you are faced with dispute or uncertainty related to this field of law, it is essential to have a first-rate employment law solicitor on your side to inform you and advance your interests.

Flexible working

Flexible working helps promote happy and productive workplaces. However, there are rarely hard and fast rules about exactly what flexible working entails.

However, it can safely be said that a flexible working pattern is one which has been adapted to suit the needs of a worker, whether it is by provision of part-time work, home working or flexi-time.

Under the terms of the law some employees, usually those who are officially classed as a carer, or have a child under six or a disabled child under the age of 18, have a statutory right to apply for flexible working arrangements.

In cases where employers are in breach of the statutory application procedure, employees may be entitled to sums of compensation.

Furthermore, certain rights to flexible working are outlined under the Sex Discrimination Act and Employment Rights Act and any breach of rights laid out in these pieces of legislation may be of interest to an employment law solicitor.


Business owners and managers need to understand discrimination law as it relates to and impacts upon their workplaces, while workers who suffer discrimination, whether direct or indirect, or indeed any form of harassment or victimisation, will need the support of an employment law solicitor to help them defend their rights.

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