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Help with employment tribunals

Many of us take great pride in our work and it can be devastating to lose your job through redundancy or what you believe is unfair dismissal, so, if you are seeking justice and compensation, the experienced employment solicitors of George Ide LLP can guide and represent you through the employment tribunals’ procedure.

The independent tribunal hearings are similar to civil courts and their findings in employment law disputes are binding on both sides so high-quality legal advice can really help to make a difference in a complex case.

As well as redundancy and unfair dismissal, the tribunals also hear allegations by employees of discrimination – sex, race, religion, age – and complaints over pay relating to equality or the national minimum wage.

The sympathetic, yet professional and highly ethical, members of George Ide’s employment law team can advise on all stages of making an official complaint about your treatment by an employer and will do their best to achieve justified recompense for you.

If you’re thinking of making a claim to an employment tribunal, consulting lawyers at George Ide could be just the job.

To speak to an employment lawyer in West Sussex please call our offices today. Alternatively, for direct contact details to a solicitor, please click on the profiles provided on this page.