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Race claim Employment Tribunal solicitors in Sussex

If you believe you have suffered race discrimination in the workplace, talk to the employment tribunals solicitors at George Ide LLP for advice and information about asserting your rights.

Employment Tribunals for race discrimination

According to an Institute for Employment Studies study commissioned by the Department for Trade and Industry, race discrimination cases have a much lower rate of success than other forms discrimination case brought before Employment Tribunals. In fact, the difference is stark – race discrimination cases succeed around only four percent of the time compared to an aggregate success rate of 14 percent for other types of cases.

Various pieces of legislation exist to ensure the rights of those who suffer race discrimination in the workplace: These include:





However, there are many reasons that claimants so rarely have success when bringing race discrimination claims before Employment Tribunals – this is despite the fact that claims need only be determined on “the balance of probabilities”. For example, in some workplaces where discrimination takes place, racism may be endemic or witnesses may fear for their jobs if they come forward to substantiate allegations.

In other cases, it may be possible to prove that discrimination occurred but less easy to confirm that it was of a precisely race-motivated nature.

The importance of representation

In part because of the relatively low rate of success enjoyed by people making race discrimination claims before Employment Tribunals, it is essential that any claimant seriously considers all possible avenues of legal advice and representation.

The lack of stable or authoritative representation is one of the chief reasons for a claim’s failure. Self-representation when dealing with such a complex area of the law is rarely advisable and having experienced and specialist employment law solicitors can make all the difference to case’s success or failure.

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