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Support for grievances and disciplinary procedure

The employment law solicitors of George Ide LLP are ready to help, advise and represent employees in all types of grievances and disciplinary procedure disputes with their employer, even if they do not go as far as an employment tribunal hearing.

Most workers have minor grumbles about the place where they work and behaviour of their bosses or colleagues, but if a complaint or issue becomes sufficiently serious to affect how you do your job or even whether you are able to continue with it, then it may become what is technically known as a grievance.

The types of problems which may constitute a grievance are:

Once a grievance has been brought to the notice of management, the employer and employee must then abide by a legal format as set out by the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (Acas). Following the guidelines of its code of practice should help both sides resolve the issue without taking further formal action.

In fact, mediation, prior to beginning the process towards tribunal jurisdiction has been an essential part of the process since rules were introduced for employers and employees in 2004.

Only if informal efforts to resolve the dispute have been tried unsuccessfully, can the case go forward to a tribunal hearing. Should either side have failed to follow the procedure correctly, it will reflect badly on them when a tribunal is convened.

This may all sound unduly complicated to an employee who is trying to establish their rights but our sympathetic and knowledgeable employment law lawyers are able to give advice at all stages of grievance and disciplinary procedures.

Wherever you live and whatever the size and status of your employer, if you are anxious that a difficulty at work may escalate into constructive or unfair dismissal, the sooner you have George Ide by your side, the better the outcome is likely to be.

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