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Your employment law holiday entitlement rights

All employers have a duty to ensure that they provide workers with their rights in employment law laid out plainly. If you believe that you have a dispute over unpaid wages, benefits or holidays and have had no success trying to satisfactorily resolve the matter with your employer, the employment solicitors at George Ide can help ensure your case is resolved to your best advantage, whether through an Employment Tribunal or through other dispute resolution means.

Holiday pay entitlement

In calculating entitlement to holiday pay nearly all UK workers are subject to the 5.6 week employment law rule. This means that if you work a normal full-time five day week you will be entitled to holiday based on the following formula:
5 days x 5.6 weeks = 28 days.

Similarly, if you are a part-time worker and work three days a week, entitlement will be calculated in the following way:
3 days x 5.6 weeks = 16.8 days

However, if you are someone who works more than a normal five day week, it is important to bear in mind that the right to holiday leave is capped at a maximum of 28 days and, as such, entitlement is calculated using the 5 x 5.6 formula.

Furthermore, depending on the policy of your employer and the particular terms of your contract, bank and public holidays may be included as part of your entitlement – if you have any uncertainty regarding this matter, you should contact your employer or manager for clarity.

Contrary to the actions and attitudes of some employers and employment agencies, agency workers are entitled to the statutory 5.6 weeks and agencies are required by law to allow workers to take their paid holidays.

Things become rather more complex with casual workers and it is best to keep a track of hours worked in order to be able to calculate a precise entitlement.

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