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Solicitors for automatic unfair dismissal

Contacting a solicitor for unfair dismissal is the first step in considering whether you might have grounds for proceeding with a claim.

Time limits

Although there may be some exceptions it is generally true that any claim for unfair dismissal must be brought within three months of the last day of employment.

Those who cannot claim

Sometimes the relationship between a potential claimant and an employer makes it impossible for a claim to proceed.

For example, a solicitor for unfair dismissal will be unable to take on the case of any person who is self-employed or an independent contractor or freelance agent. The same goes for any person who is looking to make a claim in relation to dismissal from work as a police officer or member of the armed forces.

Furthermore, claimants must have worked for their employer for at least one year (if hired before 6 April 2012) or two years (if post 6 April 2012). However, in cases of automatic unfair dismissal exceptions are made to these time frames.

Automatic unfair dismissal

Certain dismissal criteria are automatically viewed as unfair by tribunals, regardless of the length of an employee’s service.

Such criteria include the following:







George Ide solicitors for unfair dismissal

If you believe you have been unfairly dismissed from your position, our solicitors for unfair dismissal can assess your case and provide knowledgeable advice about your best course of action.

We will always seek to protect and advance your best interests and, should the case go to tribunal, aim to achieve the full amount of compensation appropriate to your circumstances.

All advice is in confidence and without obligation. For more information contact our employment solicitor team in Chichester today.