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Small businesses and contracts of employment

The most general definition of a small business dictates it as a company with less than 50 employees and an annual turnover of up to £6.5million.

However, even if your business only employs one or two people, you will still need to have certain legal documentation in place, such as contracts of employment.

Making sure your company has all the correct documentation and contracts in place means that you can move on with day-to-day business knowing that you and your employees are protected in law.

The employment law solicitors at George Ide LLP have wide ranging knowledge and expertise in dealing with both large and small businesses and we have built up a reputation for being efficient, straightforward, thorough and committed. Indeed, we believe we can add value to your company, by handling all your employment law matters, thus allowing you to get on with the day-to-day issues involved in running a small business.

What you and your workers need from contracts of employment

Effective employment contracts will set out exactly what you, as an employer, expect from your workforce and will detail items such as wages, working hours, holiday pay and entitlement, and any important job specific requirements.

Clarification of the firm’s disciplinary and dismissal procedure must be included.

By signing a contract of employment the worker agrees that they understand the terms of their employment with your company and this is why, as an employer, it is crucial to ensure that the contract is comprehensive and legally binding.

Here at George Ide we can protect you and your small business by ensuring that contracts and documentation supplied to employees is thorough, legally defensible and protects your interests in the event of an employment tribunal.

We can assist you in the drafting of new contracts or check over any existing contract you may already have used to ensure its validity.

Employment solicitors at the heart of West Sussex

Based in Chichester, George Ide’s employment law team has built up specialist knowledge of the local business community and works extensively with clients throughout West Sussex and Hampshire.

To find out more about how we can be there for you and your business to provide swift and comprehensive legal advice should any situation arise, such as an employment dispute or threat of an employment tribunal, please contact our Chichester office today.