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Grievances and disciplinary procedures legal advice for businesses

When a member of staff is initially employed details of the terms and conditions of their employment, in the form of a contract of employment or written statement, should be given to the employee. This document will contain details of company disciplinary and grievance procedures and should state any particular employment rules and their corresponding breaches which would give rise to a disciplinary action being commenced.

A firm’s disciplinary procedure must meet certain statutory requirements and, if it does not, an employee may be able to make a claim for unfair or wrongful dismissal should a grievance end in the termination of an employment contract.

If an employee feels their treatment has been unlawful, the dispute may require the intervention of an employment tribunal.

Employment law is complex and ever-changing and, as such, the advice and/or representation of an experienced employment law solicitor is essential when dealing with employee disputes regarding grievances and disciplinary procedures.

George Ide’s employment law team can help
The employment lawyers at George Ide can help ensure that grievance and disciplinary procedures meet all possible legal requirements and, should the situation arise, are able to offer full, experienced representation should a dispute with an employee go to the Employment Tribunal.

Our specialist employment law team can also ensure that the terms and conditions of employee contracts will serve your business well and see your rights as an employer are fully protected.

George Ide’s employment law solicitors can be on your side throughout any grievances and disciplinary procedures. We aim to maximise the benefits negotiation and minimise litigation – always employing forthright, ethical methods.

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