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Legal advice on eCommerce related matters

Information technology and its benefits for business, including eCommerce related matters, is an ever-expanding and developing field and because of the innovative nature of many of its applications, operating within the bounds of UK and international law may be an aspect on which a business will benefit from a solicitor’s advice.

Here at George Ide LLP we pride ourselves on keeping abreast of not just the latest Government regulations and judgements of the courts but also what matters to business people in terms of successfully trading within the law.

Setting up a commercial website and selling a product or service is a relatively-simple matter for those with the technical skills to do so. Online shops are increasingly becoming an important part of consumer choice throughout the world but, although it is far easier to set up a virtual shop than a physical one, in some ways they are similar.

Apart from basic business start-up administration, proprietors of e-commerce businesses need to be aware of potential difficulties relating to manufacturing and marketing agreements if supply of products is being outsourced, employment contracts if staff are employed and compliance with trading standards and distance selling regulations.

Because the internet is a world-wide resource, issues may also arise relating to intellectual property rights and piracy of copyrighted trademarks. Defending a small business from such threats is one of the specialist areas of skill and experience which the IT and IP law services providers at George Ide LLP possess.

eCommerce legal advice from George Ide LLP

If you are thinking of starting on online business or expanding an existing physical one, advice from our commercial legal team on the many aspects of e-commerce, where the law has an influence, may prevent expensive mistakes and help the business to flourish.

To discuss your ideas in confidence, you can contact one of the solicitors featured in the profiles on this page or call our Chichester offices.