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IT law and agreements | Solicitors in West Sussex

Information technology contract law has moved on since its inception in the early 80s and the agreements needed for protection of rights and business interests are becoming a complex area of law and litigation.

The commercial lawyers at George de LLP pride themselves on their forward-thinking attitude to this area of law and their ability to always pursue a firm’s best interests by drawing up the most comprehensive IT agreements possible. Their full understanding of laws relating to the manifold aspects of advanced communication systems and databases means that they can offer astute legal advice and representation should the need arise.

Key areas of IT law are:

The main agreements pertinent to IT law are:

Software as a Service Agreement (SAAS)

Also known as Software as a Service Contract, where IT providers provide access to their online software and certain associated services for a fee.

The SAAS agreement may contain provisions relating to contract duration, fees, service levels, access guidelines and restrictions, and service provider absolution should the service be halted for reasons beyond the provider’s control.

Web Design Contract

Also known as Web Development Agreement, relates to the developmental stage of creativity between initial specification discussion and live switch-on of the contracted website.

The agreement will include, amongst other aspects, provision for change control, intellectual property, relevant legislation compliance and limitation of liability to protect customers using the site.

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