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Litigation solicitors

There are many times in life when we need professional help. Many of us visit the same doctor whenever we are ill, or have a particular builder we choose to maintain and improve our home. So, when you have matters of law to be dealt with, George Ide LLP’s litigation solicitors are the ones to trust.

If, perhaps, a plumber has let you down after you have agreed and paid for work to be done in your home, or a lawyer has advised you incorrectly and caused you a loss; if you are in a boundary dispute with a neighbour or there is an inheritance or probate dispute within your family, the solicitors at George Ide have specialist, yet wide-ranging, knowledge and expertise in all these areas and many more besides.

Contractual disputes, motoring offences, professional negligence and even claims against the police are all areas in which George Ide’s legal practitioners have had particular success for clients and, although in many cases the issues can usually be resolved through dispute resolution and negotiation, if the matter is particularly contentious we can provide full and expert representation in court.

We strive to keep costs to as reasonable a level as possible and always communicate in a jargon-free, straightforward style to enable full and clear understanding of the whole litigation process.

We value trust and good communication with our clients, and believe our integrity, commitment and quality of representation makes our litigation services team second-to-none.

To speak to a litigation solicitor please call our offices on view the profiles featured on the right hand side of this page.