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Boundary dispute solicitors in West Sussex

If you are in dispute over an area of land or territory with a neighbour or other party, it is important that you receive the advice of a specialist boundary dispute solicitor as to your best course of action.

Fine lines

Boundary disputes have been happening for all of recorded history. Often what is at stake is not simply a case of determining the ownership of a valuable piece of land – in fact, in the majority of cases, the value of the disputed piece of land is relatively negligible – rather, what is usually at stake in such a case is a matter of principle and psychological clarity.

As such, boundary dispute solicitors need to have an in-depth understanding of the law as well as an ability to keep the costs of resolution low, and, wherever possible, a determination to keep the case out of the courts, as costs can quickly escalate beyond all proportion to the value of the disputed issue.

However, this is not to diminish the importance of a boundary dispute. There is no way the effect of such a dispute can be underestimated, particularly where it infringes on rights of access to a person’s own home or business.

Furthermore, because of the intimate nature of neighbour and boundary disputes, things can quickly become acrimonious and result in the exchanging of irrelevant or unhelpful allegations. As such, an experience boundary dispute solicitor should be able to contain these distractions to ensure that only those points which are relevant come to form the crux of a case.

This acrimoniousness has been known to lead to further problems, including the application for restraining orders. This potential for rapid deterioration in relations and conduct is one of the key benefits of conducting negotiations through a solicitor.

Areas of expertise

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