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Building disputes

If you have become dissatisfied with work being carried out for you by a builder or similar tradesman, which is not to the required standard or does not otherwise comply with the agreed contract, you may wish to seek advice from George Ide LLP’s building disputes solicitors.

With the aim of achieving a fair and reasonable outcome for both sides where a client-contractor relationship has broken down or become difficult, the litigation specialists, who work from offices in Chichester, have a wide knowledge of the issues which can cause conflict.

In many cases, the drawing up of a comprehensive legal contract at the outset of a building job can help to reduce confusion and possible reasons for dispute.

Being a full-service law firm, well-established in West Sussex, George Ide has many expert professionals, such as surveyors, on whom it can call for further technical advice where needed and, if necessary, they can give evidence should a case proceed to a court hearing.

In some circumstances, adjudication of a dispute through provisions in the Housing Grants Construction and Regeneration Act may be applicable and representation at a hearing by a property litigation specialist can be arranged.

The building and construction industries are less well-regulated than many others, meaning there are few means of redress against poor workmanship, work not carried out as agreed and financial arrangements not completed.

Clear advice in plain English from our professional law team will set out options to attempt to resolve the difficulties but whatever you decide, you can be sure that employing a litigation solicitor from George Ide LLP will protect your interests and, where necessary, legal action can be taken on your behalf in a building dispute.

For further information on our specialist services, or to speak to a building disputes solicitor, please call our offices today. Alternatively, you can use the contact details featured in our staff profiles featured on this page.