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Litigation solicitors in Sussex for building disputes

Like the words of the famous “Hole in the Ground” song by Bernard Cribbins, when construction work goes ahead, there will often be differences of opinion.

In many cases, building disputes between builders and their customers arise over inflated costs and non-payment of invoices, but parties may often become embroiled in differences of opinion regarding standard of work and the time it is taking to complete a job.

Having builders in your home is usually a very disruptive occurrence, but the need to get your home back should never be an excuse for contractors to leave work unfinished or to rush the job and ultimately leave the standard of finish below that which you expected.

When a situation of dispute occurs, the wrangling can quickly become costly, time-consuming, and exceedingly stressful.

Avoiding building disputes in the first place

One of the best ways to prevent a disagreement with your builder is to set out the requirements from the outset. If you know clearly what you want to happen, and your builder agrees and understands, and preferably has plans or written instructions to follow, then you already have part of a contract agreed.

Often, building works are undertaken through verbal contracts, and after a period of time, everyone may forget what was said and what terms were discussed. Before work commences you should try to agree a written contract with your builder, which you both sign, and this could form the basis of a happy building experience.

If a builder is reluctant to agree to the terms of a reasonable, written contract, it may be wise to shop around for a builder who will agree to sign up to the terms.

You’re digging it round when it ought to be square

Even when you have chosen what you believe to be a trustworthy contractor, and have negotiated a written contract, things may still go wrong.

Here at George Ide LLP our litigation solicitors in Sussex are here to help you through the sometimes complex process of mounting a claim against a builder, or defending a claim for non-payment of un-negotiated costs.

We have many years of experience in this field and will be able to quickly establish your chances of success in a claim. We would always attempt to solve a building dispute through ADR (alternative dispute resolution) techniques such as mediation and arbitration first, but, if we feel your case has merit and the benefit of a civil claim through the courts would outweigh the cost, we believe wholeheartedly in employing robust litigation methods to advance the interests of our clients.

To find out more about George Ide’s building disputes services, why not give our Chichester offices a call today. We are an independent, full-service law firm and our litigation solicitors will be happy to listen to your circumstances before carefully considering your best options in bringing a claim against a builder.

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